Day 1 of teaching

Students will begin the first day on-site in the mountains with Sergio near the hotel. The first day will see the introduction of the composition of the student's chosen landscape using ochre mixed with quick drying medium so the paint is almost liquid.


In the afternoon, students will be introduced to the more automatic technique of alla prima painting which will form the basis of the week's the post-lunch sessions. These sessions will take students to different sites around Agay and will see students painting on a smaller-sized canvas of 40x30cm.


Day 2 of teaching

Students will continue their painting in their study of the sky and will be taught Sergio's technique of using warm and cold colours in both areas of light and shadow which student's will see in the main masses within the landscape such as in the rocks.


In the afternoon, student's will be taken to another site for alla prima painting.


Day 3 of teaching

On the third day student's will be working on the untouched areas of the painting where the greenery is.


The afternoon will see an optional visit to the medieval town of Antibes, a 40 minute train journey away from Agay. Here you will have the chance to visit the Picasso museum the Picasso museum as well as the Chateau de la Napoule on the return train journey home.


2000E all inclusive: hotel
tuition, meals, materials
6 nights in the Cote d'Azur

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