Day 4 of teaching

This day will be assessed in an adaptable way for each student's progression so far. Advanced students will be invited to start shaping the painting in a more realistic way, defining lines found within the rocks and trees of the landscape.


To experience their chosen landscape in a more liberated manner, student's will return to their chosen site in the afternoon, however, this time will paint it in an alla prima style to represent their painting in the afternoon light.


Day 5 of teaching

The same as day 4


Day 6 of teaching

The final day is dedicated to the finishing of the week-long landscape painting. Individual students will have the chance to introduce the technique of glazing (as popularised by Leonardo and Michelangelo) to enhance the depth and volume of their perspective.


The afternoon session will conclude the weeks tuition with a final alla prima painting.


Where and when do we meet on the first day?

Our assistant team will meet you along with the hotel shuttle bus at the train station in Agay upon your arrival. The whole workshop party of participants and the art team will meet each other officially with a celebratory drinks reception at 6pm on the terrace of our hotel, overlooking the bay of Agay. Don't worry if you cannot arrive at the hotel in time for the drinks reception, our assistant team will be on-hand to meet you to show you around the hotel in preparation for the first day of painting.


2000E all inclusive: hotel
tuition, meals, materials
7 nights in the Cote d'Azur

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