Why are you different from other art course providers?


Authenticity of the artists

The authenticity and experience of the artists leading our workshops is incomparable to what you can find on the market in France. You will not learn to paint form a ready-made formula, but from the passion of these masters and their knowledge which they have acquired over their careers.


Exceptional beauty of the site

The Cote d'Azur provides some of the most exceptionally stunning landscapes in the whole of France. In addition to the surrounding Mediterranean coastline, Agay is located next to a protected national park which is unique in this region.


Our team

For each of our workshops there will be 2 art assistants present from our team providing a friendly and attentive service to accomodate your needs and requests. We are waiting confirmation of our invited artist, meaning that there will be not one, but two professional artists on our workshops providing tuition.


Exclusivity of the hotel

The accommodation provided in our workshops is reserved exclusively for ministry employees and offers a high quality food service.



For the quality and location of our hotel, the additional team of art assistants on hand as well as the professionalism of our instructors, we believe our workshops are an excellent value for money.


2000E all inclusive: hotel
tuition, meals, materials
7 nights in the Cote d'Azur

Skype: ostroverhyartstudio

Email: ostroverhyartstudio@gmail.com



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Reservation: 1000E


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